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LWQSLMGR Import file contains over 8000 QSL routes contributed by fellow Log Window(s) Users.   To install:
  1. Download QSLMGR.ZIP
  2. Unzip QSLMGR.ZIP.
  3. QSLMGR.ASC will be extracted.
  4. Run LWQSLMGR from the Log Window(s) utility menu.
  5. In LWQSLMGR,  choose to import the QSL  manager database using QSLMGR.ASC.

    If you have upgraded to Log Windows v3.04,  you will have the option adding (appending) the import your existing QSL Manger database.  On any other version, the database will be initialized and you will loose your existing QSL Manager database entries.

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