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Initial Release: November 22, 1995 _________________________________________________________________


It is an electronic mailing list dedicated to the constructive discussion of the SCO Inc. LogWindows program. Examples of appropriate topics include:

Sharing LogWindows tips and techniques with other amateurs Technical assistance to fellow users Clearing house for program enhancements ideas

This list is not a forum for flaming LogWindows , SCO Inc., or fellow users, Such behavior cannot be tolerated if the list is to remain a viable asset to LogWindows users.


In a word, no.

HOW DO I SUBSCRIBE TO OR UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THE LIST? A robot maintains the mailing list subscriptions. To subscribe or unsubscribe you need to send a message to Majordomo@qth.net. The body of the message contains commands for the robot. To subscribe to the list include the following command in the body of your mail message:

subscribe [address]

To unsubscribe use this command:

unsubscribe [address]

[address] refers to your e-mail address, and is optional. If you don't specify an explicit address the robot will extract it from your message. You don't need to specify an explicit address unless your mail software mashes up your return address, or you're changing your subscription from a different address than you usually use. If you do specify an address, leave out the '[' and ']' characters. If you get stuck you can send a message with only the word HELP in the body. This will tell the robot to send you help about the commands it understands. Mail from the list might not cease immediately after you unsubscribe. Due to the way mail is handled, you will receive any messages in the delivery queue (but not yet delivered to you specifically) at the time you unsubscribe. This should only amount to two or three messages.


Before you panic, check the mail headers. Many complaints about duplicates are really messages sent to more than one list. If you are subscribed to multiple lists (for example, the DX list and the LogWin list) you will receive two copies of the message - one from each mailing list. This is not a bug. Unfortunately, duplicate messages can also be caused by mailers at the receiving end of the mailing list. I take precautions to prevent error messages and the like from escaping back to the mailing list, but you would not believe the amount of totally broken mail software out there on the Internet these days. If you receive one or two duplicate messages, ignore them. If you receive more than one or two duplicate messages, and if you can extract the Received: headers from the message, you can forward copies of the message with the Received: headers intact to ... If you cannot include the Received: headers DON'T forward the messages. I can't debug the problem without them. DO NOT send mail about the problem to the entire mailing list! The list subscribers cannot do anything to fix the problem, and have probably figured out for themselves that something is wrong. IS THE MAILING LIST ARCHIVED?

HOW DO I SEND A MESSAGE TO THE LIST? It's easy! Just send an e-mail message to: logwindows@qth.net. Your message will be automatically resent to all the mailing list subscribers. Depending on the load on our mail system this could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. If you don't see your message within a day or so, send a message to ... (NOT the general submission address) and I will look into the problem. Here are a few things to keep in mind when sending a message to the list. Adherence to these guidelines is mandatory! If you fail to follow them you will immediately be removed from the list. + Make sure your subject line is appropriate. If a conversation wanders off the original topic, change the subject line to reflect the new line of discussion. + Proofread your message before sending it! Spelling mistakes and poor formatting do nothing to help you get your message across. + Keep it short! Many subscribers pay for their e-mail access. Don't include 100 lines of the message you're replying to and then add a three line contribution. Only include as much text as is necessary to establish the context for your reply. + Watch your language! This list is gatewayed onto packet radio. Don't say anything that you wouldn't (or shouldn't) say over the air. + If someone asks a question, send your answer to them directly. The person asking the question should collect the responses, then send a summary to the list. This helps cut down on unnecessary list traffic. + Eschew flamage. If someone sends a flame to the list and you can't bite your tongue, send your flaming reply directly back to the flaming individual, not back to the list. No one wants to pay $1.00 to read these messages (the original flame + your reply). Treat flamers the way you would two-meter repeater jammers - ignore them. + Make sure there is something of value in each message you send to the list. WHEN I REPLY TO A MESSAGE USING MY MAILER'S REPLY COMMAND I NEVER SEE A COPY OF THE MESSAGE COME BACK FROM THE LIST. WHY? There are two possible causes. One is that your mailer sends the reply only to the originator of the message. In this case you will have to manually CC the mailing list. The second possibility is that your mail reader is so ancient and broken that it sends replies to the "envelope" from address instead of the From: or Reply-To: header values. If you are in the att.com or microsoft.com domains you want to double check for this second problem. Note that replies sent to the wrong address get filed in the bit bucket.

CAN I REPRODUCE MATERIAL FROM THE LIST? No compilation copyright is asserted over the mailing list. The individual submissions to the mailing list may be (and probably are) covered by national copyright law, and international copyright conventions. When in doubt, consult a lawyer. If you do reproduce information obtained from the list in a published newsletter please give credit to the message author and the mailing list.

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