Log Windows History

06-04-99 LW version 3.06.15 now shipping.

10-08-98  SCO Inc. purchased Log Windows from Ira (HamHead Software) with sole distribution rights.

11-14-97 Log Windows v3.05 became available

11-14-97 November 1997 Radio Amateur Callbook DLL became available

06-02-97 Log Windows v3.04 became available

05-01-97 Log Windows to be distributed exclusively by Timewave

05-01-97 Dayton News

Timewave booth demonstrated Log Windows.

If you purchased Log Windows at Dayton-97, you were entitled to a 1 year "electronic" subscription to the GO-LIST courtesy of the GO-LIST. To be entitled to the offer, you must send a copy of Log Windows receipt of other proof of purchase, a check for $12.00 and your email address to the GO-LIST.  This offer is not valid for the disk or paper based version of the GO-LIST.

For more information regarding this offer, please contact: golist@iswt.com

03-16-97 Log Windows v3 demo became available

03-15-97 Log Windows supports ADIF (Amateur Data Interchange Format)

12-26-96 Log Windows v3.02 became available

09-01-94 DX-Telnet

Check out the DX-Telnet Web Site.   DX-Telnet makes a perfect companion application for Log Windows users who need internet access to DX Clusters.


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