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4-10-2003 The new web page is up at www.logwindow.com

03-11-2003 Log Window source code builds. Working on a new serial number/key copy protection program for Log Window 4.03.04+.

01-02-2003 Microsoft agrees to drop their legal action if we change the name of the program to "Log Window".

11-08-2003 SCO proposes to Microsoft that we change the name of the software program to Log Window if they will drop their legal challenge.

11-01-2002 C.S.S. cancells their contract with SCO to work on Log Windows. This is because of potential legal action from Microsoft over the allegged trademark infringement over our use of the word "Windows".

The following versions were released between 01-02-2000 and 11-01-2002: 3.07.02, 3.07.25, 3.07.30, 3.07.31, 3.07.32, 3.07.33, 3.07.34,, 3.07.35,, 4.01, 4.02, 4.03.01, 4.03.02, and 4.03.03.

01-03-2000 ... SCO makes deal with C.S.S. to develop, market, and support Log Windows.

06-04-99 Log Windows version 3.06.15 began shipping.

10-08-98  SCO Inc. purchased Log Windows from Ira (HamHead Software) with sole rights.

11-14-97 Log Windows v3.05 became available

11-14-97 November 1997 Radio Amateur Callbook DLL became available

06-02-97 Log Windows v3.04 became available

05-01-97 Log Windows to be distributed exclusively by Timewave

05-01-97 Dayton News

Timewave booth demonstrated Log Windows.

If you purchased Log Windows at Dayton-97, you were entitled to a 1 year "electronic" subscription to the GO-LIST courtesy of the GO-LIST. To be entitled to the offer, you must send a copy of Log Windows receipt of other proof of purchase, a check for $12.00 and your email address to the GO-LIST.  This offer is not valid for the disk or paper based version of the GO-LIST.

For more information regarding this offer, please contact: golist@iswt.com

03-16-97 Log Windows v3 demo became available

03-15-97 Log Windows supports ADIF (Amateur Data Interchange Format)

12-26-96 Log Windows v3.02 became available

09-01-94 DX-Telnet

Check out the DX-Telnet Web Site.   DX-Telnet makes a perfect companion application for Log Windows users who need internet access to DX Clusters.


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